September Events

September 10th – 2-4 pm – What’s the Buzz? Pasture Management @ Ben Wever Farm, Willsboro, NY.

Cornell Cooperative Extension is hosting a pasture and pest management workshop on Saturday, September 10th from 2-4pm at Ben Wever Farm in Willsboro, NY (444 Mountain View Drive). Farm meal free but RSVP a must. Dress for the weather and appropriate footwear for farm walking. RSVP at 962-4810 or 963-7447.

Do you have issues with your pastures-weeds, rotation, what forages to plant, fertilizers to use, biting and annoying flies on animals? If you do, this meeting is for you. Come and learn how to make happier animals, better gains, more milk, more forage, and increase profitability.

  • Pasture/Paddock Rotation – Tiffany Pinheiro SWCD technician
  • New small no-til drill
  • Soil Health Forage Selection – Dr. Kitty O’Neil: NNY Field Crops
  • Biting and annoyance flies on livestock – Ken Wise: NYS Integrated Pest Management Livestock and Field Crops Specialist
  • Demonstration of fly trap technology
  • PAT credits available in 21,31,1a, and 1b

Fly pests can affect animal health, decrease milk production and weight gain, transmit disease causing agents, reduce grazing time, annoy and irritate animals and more.

For more information contact Anita Deming at 962-4810 or

Co-Sponsored by CCE, SWCD and Essex Farm Institute.

September 17-18thAdirondack Harvest Festival @ Essex County Fairgrounds, Westport, NY

Two days, lots of fun! Come see what agriculture is up to in Essex County!

Farms, food trucks, film makers, musicians and Essex Farm Institute will all be at the Adirondack Harvest Festival on September 17th and 18th at the Essex County Fairgrounds in Westport, NY. On Friday, work up an appetite with a hike in the Lake Champlain Region, then celebrate the Adirondack harvest with music and locally produced food. On Saturday, September 18th spend the day hiking, shop at the farmers market or learn about life on the farm with an afternoon of demonstrations, a movie screening, and a Q & A with filmmaker Ben Stechschulte.

Look for Essex Farm Institute’s table and ask us all your burning questions about what we do and how you can help support our mission.

Click here to see the full schedule, and scroll to the bottom of the page to see what farmers and food trucks will be there.

For more info email Nancy Page at